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Gamma Sigma Delta


Gamma Sigma Delta began as a professional agricultural fraternity called Delta Theta Sigma at The Ohio State University on December 1, 1905. The name of the organization was changed to Gamma Sigma Delta in 1913. With six chapters in 1917, the organization established the official name, The Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta.

The Greek initials represent a phrase that is translated as, “the binding together of earth, the mother of all, and the practice of agriculture, and the arts relating thereto, for the welfare of mankind.” By 1960, the society has expanded from a national to an international body. Fifty-two chapters have been installed at universities throughout the United States, and in Puerto Rico and the Philippines; society members live and work all over the world.

The West Virginia University Chapter was installed on May 8, 1959. This ceremony took place during the National Officers’ meeting and was the first time that all the National Officers attended a chapter installation. Twelve transfer members and ten initiates comprised the first-year membership in this chapter. The founding officers were Oscar E. Schubert, President; James A. Welch, vice-president; W. Donald Schultz, Secretary; Robert H. Thomas, Treasure; and Allen W. Goodspeed, Historian.

More than 1,800 students, alumni and faculty have accepted membership invitations to the West Virginia University Chapter since 1959.